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Viewers: Do not send this site to streamers on their first play-through until they have at least discovered on their own that armors can be upgraded, where and how.

There are only two types of spoilers on this page:

  1. The names of armors are listed below, visibile if you scroll down or check the box to dismiss this spoiler warning.
  2. In game, you can only see the required materials for your current armor level. This web app shows you all materials for all levels of obtained armor.

Unless you check the "Obtained" checkbox for an armor, you will not see a picture of it, or any details about required materials, or even if it is upgradable or not.

To avoid spoiling the names, use the search to filter to just the armors you want to see and avoid scrolling down or expanding the "Categories" section.

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Author's Note

Unless you mod this game in an emulator, it only supports 100 armor slots. This means you cannot hold all 107 of the base armor + all DLC armor + all the amiibo armors. You must choose 7 armors to not carry with you. You can sell (almost) any armor, and can purchase back any previously owned armor in Tarrey Town from Granté (upstairs). If you somehow don't have all 25 Zelda amiibos that effect the game, and for some reason don't feel like paying absurd prices on eBay for them, you can either use your phone to spoof NFC codes (this is a HUGE pain, as you need to run through all amiibos every day to see if they'll drop a new armor or one you already got, or some other items like arrows, opal, or a stupid weapon). Or you can get some knock-off nfc cards from China, which is what I did. They work great, and the artwork is hilariously "legally distinct" from Nintendo's intellectual property. (I make no money from this referal, I just found the link from YouTube, bought them, and was surprised they worked).

The 7 armors I recommend selling/skipping (but you can make your own decisions). Warm Doublet, Old Shirt, Well-Worn Trousers, Salvager Headgear/Vest/Trousers (Zora armor does the same thing + swims up waterfalls and looks better), and amber earrings (they are the least useful of the earrings). gl/hf



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